Layar facilitates Disney AR campaign

In a push for the motion picture, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Disney has employed the augmented reality app Layar to produce the World’s first AR outdoor advertizing campaign. The promotional film posters seen below feature instructions for Android and iPhone users: launch the app when near a poster with GPS on. The user’s location is then compared with a database of ad locations. If the person is in close proximity to a poster, a character from the movie named Tamina will appear on the phone, offering up an orientation. Play the game, answer three questions correctly, and you’ll get 50 movie points that can be redeemed at Pretty cool, eh?

Maybe some of the early concerns about location-based marketing – calls being interrupted with a BOGO offer on a Big Mac at the Micky D’s you’re walking past, or your web browser being obscured by a virtual coupon pop-up discounting the gum sitting next to you in line while you’re waiting to pay for groceries – are a bit extreme. Perhaps we’ll see tamer, slightly less invasive versions of those scenarios. But for the moment it looks like we’re entering into a very interesting period with Augmented reality. This seems to me like a nice way to kill time while waiting for the bus.


Via Ads of the World by way of Noah Kravitz