Looking for an addictive game? Try Antigen

antigen_outbreak_main_menu_screenshotToday Battery Powered Games, creators of the popular games Light Racer 3D and Wixel, released a duo of new action-oriented puzzle games; Antigen and Antigen: Outbreak.

Antigen is a take on an old-school side-scrolling game.  Enemies move across the screen from right to left.  Your character is a little square, with different keyed shapes on all four sides.  The object of the game is to match one of your shapes to the corresponding  shape on the enemies.  After you lock shapes, you’ll destroy the enemy and get points.  The enemy releases bonus multipliers for you to snatch up.  The more you get, the bigger the bonus.  There are also boss battles in story mode.  The boss is larger with shapes on all four sides.  You have to latch onto, and destroy each one, to beat them.

I chatted with Robert Green (Owner, Battery Powered Games) about the launch.  He had this to say:

Antigen was designed to go back to the basics of score-oriented gaming. We wanted a game that required developing skill rather than just spending more time playing to progress to higher difficulties and higher scores.

Antigen is a very addictive game with catchy music.  I tried it on the DEVOUR first, and it worked fine with the trackpad and on-screen joystick.  Then I played it on my G1 and it was much easier to rotate your character with the trackball.  The game is also multi-touch enabled.  If you’re running Android 2.x, you’ll get a set of on-screen buttons to rotate.

I would consider both games to be full versions.  Antigen: Outbreak offers 4 more levels, 2 more power-ups, more music, ad-free menus and the ability to submit your scores to the leaderboard.  All that for only $2.99.  While it’s an easy game to pick up, make sure you have some time on your hands.  You’ll need it to get on the leaderboard.

Antigen and Antigen: Outbreak are available in the Market now (for Android 1.6+)

Antigen – Free

Antigen: Outbreak – $2.99

Source: Battery Powered Games

Screenshots after the break

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