myTouch 3G update coming soon

t-mobile-mytouch-3g-google-androidIt’s about time! We’ve been hearing about the myTouch 3G getting an update from Android 1.6 for quite some time now. T-Mobile’s VP of Production Innovation Andrew Sherrard said the update is being tested right now to make sure everything works perfect, virtual genius button and all. Now that we know the update is going to be similar to the myTouch Slide’s special T-Mobile Sense UI, I think we can all understand why it took so long. I myself am a myTouch 1.2 owner and for me, this update is good and bad. Good because I hear wonderful things about this modified Sense UI. I like the look of it and the new features will be fun to play around with. Why is it bad? I like stock Android. That’s one reason I bought a myTouch in the first place. Of course there are always ways to fix that, and for as long as I hold onto a phone for, I suppose I shouldn’t worry.

Via TmoNews