Noah’s myTouch 3G Slide unboxing

We’ve already seen one unboxing and review of this device, but Mr. Kravitz is always informative and entertaining so I’m posting again. Besides, there is some new information: the MT3G Slide, it is said by many sources, will receive Android 2.2, Froyo. When is another Story. The phone will launch on June 2nd with a 3.4″ HVGA display, 5 megapixel cam, and a customized version of Android 2.1.

The second video below comes from Android Spin and shows the device running Neocore. I guess there were some video problems, but he’s getting 29.4 frames per second with the sound on (he got 33 on mute), which definitely surpasses the original MT3G in the same test.

Via PhoneDog