PhoneTell, your pocket receptionist

phonetellIntroducing PhoneTell, formerly called “CallSpark,” the app that is half receptionist and half phone book and hits the Android market today. PhoneTell can respond to a calls you can’t answer for you… or not.You have the option to send a text back to the person who called you with a pre-set message. Basically, “Can you please call me back later? Thx” is what they’ll receive. Alternately, you can send one that says you’ll call -them- back and even schedule it on your calendar at the same time. If neither of these messages suits your fancy, you can ask them to send you details about why they called. And lastly, if you don’t feel a need to respond to the caller at all, you can just press the dismiss button. Pretty simple, right?

PhoneTell also powers up the contacts area of your phonebook. Sure there are a lot of phonebook apps floating around in the market, and while some of them are pretty snazzy-looking, their biggest features are reorganizing your buttons and being colorful. By replacing your Contacts tab with a Search tab, and then just a bit of reordering, PhoneTell lets you search for numbers you’d spend many minutes looking for elsewhere (like those corporate numbers hidden in the depths of their website). The search tab will also sync up all your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn or, and also use White Pages, Yellow Pages, and even Yelp to get you the number you need.

Have you noticed the change in Google Maps where you need to hit the phone button to see the number? Well, sometimes you’re not just getting phone numbers for yourself, and sometimes you recognize the right number by seeing it in conjunction with a name and/or location. PhoneTell brings all of theseaspects together and even sorts by relativity. Let’s say you always call the same people when you’re on vacation in Las Vegas; PhoneTell links the names and your location, so when you search for them next time, it will be even faster. Give it a try, I can honestly say it’s an app I use daily.