PSA: DroidDog forums available on Tapatalk

I’m sure that you’re aware that you can browse the DroidDog forums, on your mobile, like any other site.  However, it’s not optimized for mobile usage.  What if I told you that you can easily read & write posts, add posts to your favorites, and even upload pics to your posts?  Pretty swanky, eh?

Tapatalk is an Android app (as well as iPhone, BlackBerry, and Symbian) that does just that.  The free version allows you to read posts, view thumbnails and favorite posts.  The PRO version ($2.99) allows you to add posts, view full size images and access your private messages.

I gave it a whirl, and it worked pretty well.  I did have trouble adding a photo from the camera, but was able to upload it from my gallery just fine.  You can see the fruits of my labor here…

Tapatalk supports over 3,000 forums, so the $2.99 goes much further than just a single forum.  Check out the free version to see if it supports your favorite forums.  Buy the PRO version to post on-the-go.

Tapatalk – FREE

Tapatalk PRO – $2.99