Q1 2010 Android sales grow 700% over 2009; Surpasses Windows Mobile in market share

There’s no doubt that the mobile industry is hot this year.  Carriers are stepping up their game, by offering more competitive plans and new technologies.  Manufacturers are constructing new and innovative devices, at an alarming rate.  Developers are creating apps that we utilize on a day-to-day basis.  It’s no wonder why Q1 2010 mobile phone sales are up 17% over 2009.  What’s even more amazing is that smartphone sales are up 48%.  But this article isn’t just about mobile phones or even smartphones.  It’s about Android.

Google’s mobile OS has taken the industry by storm.  In the US, Android is available on 14+ devices spread across all of the major carriers and a couple regional of the players.  With that kind of coverage (no pun intended*), it’s not surprising that Android sales have grown 707% from Q1 2009 to Q1 2010.  Android’s worldwide, smartphone market share has grown 8% (over 2009) to 9.6%, and they have pried the number four spot out of Microsoft’s hands.  Apple is still third, but only gained 5% of the market.  Symbian (Nokia) and RIM (BlackBerry) still command 63% of the smartphone market, but have slipped a combined 5.7%.  Also, six of the top ten handset manufacturers (by sales) produce Android devices.  What’s odd is that HTC, the company that brought us the first Android device, is not part of the top 10.

In the smartphone OS market, Android and Apple were the winners in the first quarter of 2010 (see Table 2). Android moved to the No. 4 position displacing Microsoft Windows Mobile for the first time. Both Android and Apple were the only two OSs vendors among the top five to increase market share year-on-year. Symbian remained in the No. 1 position but continued to lose as Nokia remains weak in the high-end portfolio.


Source: Gartner

*Pun totally intended