Stickin’ it to the man, Android style [updated]

htc_hero_petition_qr-smallBy far, the number one question people ask me is: “When will my (phone) be updated to (Android version number).” And it’s no mystery why people get confused, anxious, and downright angry when the topic comes up. Owners of various Androids have seen numerous false starts, seemingly endless firmware upgrade delays, and in some cases, abandonment – likely leading to obsolescence. Some who bought a phone one year ago are finding that their device will not be supported and updated as they were initially led to believe (at least not when), but that their somewhat tarnished handset has been relegated to the legacy category.

Most people, given this situation, would simply sell their device and move on. But others…others refuse to take it lying down, living out the remainder of a two-year contract in a torturous existence, struggling with yesterday’s software. Back when it was an issue, one chap put together a petition to show HTC how much Hero users want to see Android 2.1 (image seen below, from EuroDroid). To sign it, one simply had to download the app (QR code above) and leave a comment in the Market. The idea was to let HTC know that “Across the Internet distributed indignant cries of the holders of outstanding communicator HTC Hero!” (cont.)


And now, for those Behold II owners who want Android 2.0 and think that petitions alone are for sissies, check out this Android Forums post, where the term “class action lawsuit” is being discussed. Perhaps it’s just a motivational phrase to include with the petition, which probably doesn’t hold too much weight in Samsung’s eyes. Why should they worry about those old customers when they have this guy on their side?

UPDATE: Here’s one promise of 2.0:

UPDATE: I need to include the petition seeking upgrades from Sony Ericsson here as well. Via @rvictorg, who has one of the best Twitter profile pics ever.

Via EuroDroid and Android Forums