T-Mobile Garminfone unboxing from PhoneDog

After driving across the country relying almost exclusively on the Google Maps Navigation of a trusty Droid Incredible (I checked an atlas once or twice), I discovered that Charlotte, North Carolina is a Google Maps Twilight Zone. I’m constantly making unnecessary freeway exits, only to u-turn a mile later and enter the same freeway, or showing up at long-defunct businesses as well as some that never existed.

It’s clear to me that I need a new portable navigation solution, and the T-Mobile Garminfone just might fit the bill. But can I learn to enjoy – or even tolerate – such a heavily modified UI? Or even function on a daily basis with Android 1.6? I don’t know, but I must admit, that, despite the detractors this phone presents, it has a lot of appeal, if only for it’s affiliation with such a trusted name in PNDs. Keep an eye out for Garminfone coverage here at DroidDog in the not-too-distant future. Check out Noah’s impressions in the unboxing video below:

Via PhoneDog