The Saturday Wrap: 5/1/2010


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Last week I made some terrible joke about how there was a ton of Android news to cover in the Saturday Wrap so you had to pay extra attention. We were so busy this last week, I don’t even have time to make bad jokes about it… OK… maybe a couple. Along with upcoming devices, unboxings, and new commercials, we saw huge news hit the web like Twitter releasing an official app and Google (very)possibly adding Apps2SD into their future releases. If you remember correctly, something big was going to happen today, May 1st. Remember yet? I’ll give you some time to think about it.

Upcoming devices

A whole slew of info has passed us by last week on upcoming devices. Aigo has announced that they will be making not one, but two Android MIDs with a very low price point. We also saw info on the EEE pad from ASUS, HP Airlife 100, and the Cruz tablet. As far as phones go, Garmin announced another device (along with the Garminfone you’ll find being shown off above), the Motorola Mb810 passed the WiFi Alliance, and the LG Ally made a commercial appearance. We don’t have anything solid from Samsung, but we do know that will be committing to Android for quite a few phones coming out ASAP.

Apps and updates

I already mentioned above that Twitter releasing an official Android app and FroYo possibly coming with the ability to save apps on your SD card is pretty big news. That’s certainly not all. The Cliq XT is going to see an update to fix some problems users may have been experiencing. Sorry to have to say this, spoiler alert: it’s not 2.1. While Dream / Magic users won’t be seeing an official update anytime soon (at least not that I know of), a new ROM has landed. Cyanogen has released a 2.1 ROM for everyone holding out on grabbing something new that is sure to please. In app news, the web browser Skyfire 2.0 has officially launched. I recently found that I’m an Opera Mobile type-of-guy, but hey, options never hurt anybody. I’ve heard great things about Skyfire so it just might be time to check it out. Those of you Android users who are into games should be excited that Google just acquired Pixie Labs. Word is you will be able to purchase those games and more  via PayPal sometime in the future. That’s about all for app news, though I should mention that the Android market has unofficially reached 50,000 apps. Congrats Android! You’re making me so proud.

More Incredible news

The Android blogsphere is still buzzin’ with news of the HTC Incredible, and with good cause. If you still haven’t picked one up, you can do so through Verizon and receive an extra 2GB memory card, or you could pick on up from DroidDog for $50 less than you would normally pay. Of course you need to hurry up because both offers are limited, and rules do apply. Watch this commercial, keep in mind that Verizon is dumping the Nexus, and then tell me you don’t want one. Of course once you buy one you’ll need a case and car dock, but that goes without saying. If you could possibly need any more convincing, head on over the the Verizon Incredible micro-site for that last little push.

Videos and unboxings

HTC put out four new videos on the Desire recently. Man I would love to get my hands on one of those. The Desire videos leave me desiring more (told you I had a couple bad jokes still in me), but that’s not the best videos we’ve got for you. Remember me saying how Carlos Graves was going to do some stuff with the Acer Liquid? Well his unboxing and quick first impressions video is up and ready to be watched. You can head on over here to watch the video and for more info. For this next piece, I couldn’t decide whether to put this up with the Incredible info, or down here with unboxings. Since this is one of John’s special ask-me-whatever-you-want lead in videos, I think I’ll keep it down here. John got to spend some long awaited time with an Incredible recently, and captured his first unboxing impressions. If you want to know anything else about the Incredible you haven’t heard yet, contact him via Twitter: @PhoneDog_John, or you can send a text message to 503-MOB-BARK. Please be sure to mention “Incredible” in your message. Oh and one more thing, don’t bother leaving a voicemail. They will be ignored.

Congratulations to Michael M. for winning a new VZW Incredible

It was just announced earlier today that Michael M. from the Big Apple won our latest contest, DroidDog’s Incredible May Day Giveaway. John has already mentioned this, but I find it extremely important to reiterate. Here at DroidDog we appreciate all of our readers more than you guys know. Our giveaways are a chance to say thanks with a little more than words. We received some amazing replies to the Incredible contest and would like to let each and everyone one of you know, your voices were heard. Thanks so much for staying with us here at DroidDog and be sure to stay tuned for more contests for your chance to win.

That’s all we have for you guys this week. If you want to talk about anything you just read, and the comments aren’t enough space, jump on over to the forums and chat your heart out. I’ll see you guys next week with all the news you can handle. Until then, enjoy!