The Saturday Wrap: 5/15/2010


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This week in Android news has got me feeling really nostalgic. T-Mobile has some big secret plan brewing known as “Project Emerald.” At first, everyone was speculating PE (as I shall now refer to it) was going to be the release of the Samsung Galaxy S. While I’m confident that the Galaxy S will still come to T-Mobile, PhoneDog and TmoNews say PE is something different. They say it will be an HTC device with Android 2.1, a Snapdragon processor, 4.3″ super AMOLED, 16GB built in storage, and a physical keyboard. So what has me feeling nostalgic? It’s going to be branded as a SideKick. Before I ever used Android, I was a SideKick only type of guy. My SideKick was my pride and joy. To this day, the modern smart-phone borrows a lot from SK OS. Back in it’s day, SideKick was king. Now don’t get me wrong, I could never go back to just using a SideKick, I’m way too into Android. But combine Android with the SideKick name? I’m dying to know what thing thing looks like. I know a lot of people may find it blasphemous to put the SideKick name on an Android device, but it makes perfect sense. I’m sure at this point every Android fan knows who Andy Rubin is, he’s the guy who started Android. Well did you know that Mr. Rubin also founded SideKick? Yeah. Now that’s what I call the circle of life. Of course this still unconfirmed super rumor wasn’t the only good thing to happen this last week. There is plenty of news on upcoming phones that are confirmed. Let’s get right into this:

Upcoming phones

Sprint may have opted out of carrying the Nexus One lately, but that doesn’t mean Sprint users don’t get any Android super-phone love. Of course I’m talking about the EVO, which is now in pre-order stages, set to be released on June 4th for $199. DroidDog will have tons of coverage on the EVO coming soon so be sure to stay tuned for that. Right now, you can check out Breon’s “What you need to know about the HTC EVO 4G” post with videos, plan info, availability info, the press release… just about everything you could get so far. I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but this phone is going to be amazing. We’re all really stoked for this thing to drop. Now before I go too far off the topic of the Nexus One not being sold by Sprint, there’s yet another very interesting chapter being added to the Nexus saga that definitely deserves attention. Google has announced that they will no longer be selling the Nexus online. The kicker? They will be moving the phone into retail stores as soon as possible. Does that mean you can finally use your upgrades with T-Mobile from family plans to buy a Nexus? We don’t know quite yet, but all signs point to yes. Now that I got that tangent out of the way, back to upcoming phone news. Some phones are known about months before they get official. Rumors spread and pictures leak. Some phone just kinda sneak up on you like the LG Ally did. Not only did Aaron from PhoneDog get a chance to play around with an Ally this past week, but Breon got a review unit that he will be doing a full review with. Be sure to check out his quick hands on before you go pre-order one. Better hurry though, the Ally launches on May 20th for $199 on contract. Another upcoming device we know a lot about and got to see this past week was the Garminfone. Noah from over at PhoneDog gave us his first impressions for the GPS/phone hybrid that’s slated to launch in June for $200 on contract. Telus users have reason to rejoice because they will soon be able to buy an HTC Triumph, or Desire. Let’s see… what else do we know. We now know that the Dell Streak will be coming to AT&T this summer, and we also know the myTouch slide that’s slated for a mid-June release will come in at $149 on contract. The Motorola Extreme, or what we originally thought was the Nexus 2, is supposed to come to Verizon. We also know a little bit about two upcoming phones that are a bit more interesting, the Motorola Flipout and the LG Aloha. Is it just me, or are phone names getting really really… weird…

Updates and App news

What would a week be without tons of updates and app news? Lot’s of devices saw big firmware leaps like the DROID Eris, the Samsung Moment, and the HTC Hero. You can find a quick video walkthrough of the Hero 2.1 update from our very own Breon above. Please keep in mind that these updates are not exactly full-on official, so you know, do what you will with that info. What other devices are going to see updates soon? We know the myTouch will get an update to Sense 2.1. It’s been said for quite some time now that the myTouch would see a big update, but no one really thought it would be the new myTouch Slide custom Sense UI. As a myTouch 1.2 owner, I’m excited to see if my device will get this update. Sense 2.1 would be nice, but man-oh-man would stock 2.2 be even better. We got our first look at 2.2 recently, and boy does it look nice. Not only will 2.2 have Flash support and a 450% speed increase, but it’ll also come with tethering and hotspot capabilities. I can’t wait for it to drop, and if the Google I/O rumors hold true, I won’t have to wait long. App news this week was a little slow. We do have some TweetDeck love to look forward to, and if you have a [dot]EDU e-mail address, you can grab a student Google Voice invite now. So go. Do it… when you’re done with this.

Fun Stuff

And now it’s time for my favorite part of the Saturday Wrap, the part where I get to talk about all the neat stuff that went on this last week. The Googleplex front lawn is the kind of place desserts dream of. The giant FroYo statue took it’s noble place there next our green buddy Andy, who you can see being made here. On the advertising side of the fun stuff, we got an awesome Easter egg for, two new DROID does commercials, and the quiet heartfelt story of a quietly brilliant company known as HTC. Kinda tugs at your heart string that one. Sniff. Last but not least, the most incredibly awesome, yet totally worthless piece of Android news is Shawn McHenry using DOSBox to install Windows 3.1 on Android devices everywhere. What has this world come to…

Well that’s all we got this week. Of course I’ll be back next Saturday with everything Android I can get around to grabbin’. Before I go, I want to mention something to all of you attending Google I/O coming up soon. If you need to know how to plan your day, check out this schedule of events going on. It’s pretty helpful, and it’s best to always stay prepared right? Alright guys, until next week, enjoy!