The Saturday Wrap: 5/29/2010

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Happy Memorial day weekend DroidDog fans and fanettes. I hope everyone has big plans this three day weekend to do something like BBQ outside, play a game of golf (or disc golf), head out to the beach, or just enjoy the summer air. Boy it sure feels good to get out of the house again. Before you go though, how about you sit back and take in your weekly dose of Android news you’ve come to know and love as the Saturday Wrap? This past week we saw everything from HTC’s “Facebook andCougar Town” tablet demographic to Lenovo dumping off Skylight OS and switching over to Android. We got lots more to talk about today, so let’s get right into this:

Upcoming devices

In confirmed upcoming device news, the Motorola i1 got to spend some time in the lime light this past week. Not only is the PTT mid-range Android headed for Boost Mobile, but PhoneDog also has screenshots to prove the device will also hit Sprint shelves on or around the 20th of June. Of course most of you Sprint users are looking forward to the freshly rooted HTC EVO with your new fancy HDMI dock and your free (or premium) video calling, but I figured I’d mention the i1 none-the-less. Speaking of the EVO, if you are looking for more info on the device, check out Breon’s quick preview, which will soon turn into a full review.

In other confirmed upcoming  device news, Orange Spain has an interesting new entry level handset available known as the Orange Boston. Head on over to EuroDroid where you can try to decipher pricing, specs, and all that jazz… depending on how good your Spanish is.

As per the usual, rumors and whispers were not hard to come by this past week. I have to admit, we do have some pretty juicy ones. Not only did the Samsung i897 Vegas get a full on app dump from the guys over at XDA, it also made a more physical appearance sporting a very AT&T look. Another AT&T device, the HTC Aria, has made it’s rumor debut. The Aria is rumored to come to AT&T with Android 2.1 and Sense UI, so be sure to be on the lookout for that one.

T-Mobile US also got in on the rumor game this week with whispers of a “major” mystery Samsung device launch in July, and something “BIG” also going down on the 19th of June. The 19th is being rumored to be one of five things: Samsung Galaxy S release (which would make the “major” July release seem pretty bogus), myTouch Slide promotion/full on release (which doesn’t quite make sense considering the Slide launches the 2nd, a promotion doesn’t warrant opening the doors to all corporate offices at 8AM, and Wally World will already be selling it for $130), myTouch Slide software update (open the doors at 8AM for an OTA software update?), Nexus One hitting retail shelves, or something else entirely like the Sidekick Twist. At this point, only time will tell.

Of course Verizon got down with some rumors too. Motorola tried to recapture the success of the RAZR for quite some time. Since they have (in my eyes) officially done it with Android and the Moto DROID, you know they aren’t going to stop yet. New device pictures of what could possibly be the Motorola Shadow have shown up not once, but twice, and wow is it looking nice. What could also be Motorla’s DROID 2 made a quick cameo this week (I guess I should the keyboard make a quick cameo). The rumored Droid 2 is said to be in Verizon’s system now, along with the MB810 Shadow, so expect to see more shortly.

Last, but not least, I want to mention three more things; Acer has announced they will be making a tablet to release in Q4, the Acer Stream super-phone has gone official (glamor shots, video samples, and all), and a WiFi only version of the Nook has passed through the FCC. Let’s hope for low price points all around shall we?

App reviews/previews

Apparently this was a good week for app reviews because we have quite a few to share with you guys from the DroidDog team, but first I want to mention our newest addition to that team, Marques Brownlee. Marques will be doing a weekly review here at DroidDog, starting with the Seesmic review above. Be sure to check it out and stay tuned for more.

John got a chance to review ADW Launcher. While I could go on and on about the functionality and customization of ADW Launcher, John says it best when he says “It’s free, it’s functional, and it allows you to do some things that the Froyo launcher won’t.”

Carlos put up a review of Twitoc, a voice enabled widget-only based Twitter client, that is definitely worth a download.

Nicole Cozma made a stop by this week to do a review on PhoneTell. PhoneTell is essentially a mini built in receptionist that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Check out Nicole’s review for a quick run down of everything PhoneTell can do.

There are a couple of interesting upcoming apps to mention that are most certainly NOT Tetris clones. Going over them quickly, we’ve got Vlingo, a slightly more deeply integrated voice assistance client, a SlingPlayer demo to check out, and a little more news on TweetDeck for Android. Sure Vlingo and SlingPlayer are amazing applications, but I am stoked for TweetDeck to make it’s debut.

Other reviews

You know, I couldn’t quite decide where to put these next posts, so I decided to throw them in a hodgepodge category of other reviews.

John did one of his famous “your questions and requests” videos, this time with the Droid Incredible. There is two videos up right now that cover topics like FriendStream widgets, mail widget, Myspace widgets, turning Sense off, multi-touch keyboard, battery and preservation, processor clock speed rumor, Flash, and a discarded unboxing segment. Don’t forget to keep checking back for a full written review.

Now that Froyo (Android 2.2) has been floating around for a minute, the DroidDog team is starting to weigh in. Nicole put up a post on her third day with Froyo pointing out some helpful changes, along with John and Andrew Steffy putting up not one… not two… but seven videos showing off what Froyo is all about. That;s right around 33 minutes of Froyo goodness guys, better get to watchin’.

The final post in my “other reviews” category is a full fledged unboxing from the ever-entertaining master unboxing expert Noah Kravitz. Man… you think I make bad jokes… Just watch.


Well that’s all I got for you guys this week. I’m sure by now you know the drill right? Stop back by with us here at for all the Android news you can handle and more. Keep on fighting for those updates, try not to lose your lunch if you stumble upon any screen durability testing videos, and have a great weekend. Enjoy!