The Saturday Wrap: 5/8/2010


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Feel that? Ahh yes. That’s the feeling of yet another week in Android news gone by. You know, it feels like every week Android is growing stronger. I constantly see more and more news, leaks, apps, and reviews pop up featuring our green little buddy, and you know what they say, numbers talk. I think I speak for all of us Android owners when I say, I’m proud. It seems like everyone wants to be a droid these days, iPhone 3G included. This summer is going to bring Android out to the front of the pack. I’m sure you know exactly what devices I’m hinting at, but you’d still love to see more. Let’s get going shall we?

myTouch 3G Slide

This past week was jam packed with all the MT3GS we could handle. For starters, the eagle has landed… or sea gull… or whatever those birds are… T-Mobile has made the Slide official with all of the specs we’ve been hearing about. Android 2.1, 5MP camera, 3.4″ touch-screen, and wait for it, a full QWERTY keyboard. Once everything was announced we started seeing people finally get their hands on one of these things. Engadget did one of their quick hands-on posts, and Noah from over at PhoneDog get a little more in depth. I’ve been reading quite a bit about the Slide because my contract with T-Mobile is up in about a month. I really think Noah hit the nail on the head with what will set the myTouch 3G Slide apart from others phones launching this summer. If you haven’t had a chance to read what he’s got to say, head on over there and check it out. After you finish reading this of course.

Upcoming devices and updates

Other than what you read above, the waters have been pretty calm in regards to upcoming device news. The Meizu M9 may have finally gotten a release month. The M9 has been floating around for what seems like forever now. The newest whispers peg the 2.1 packin’ M9 for an August release date at around $350. Of course the M9 is nice looking and all, but the real show stopper this week was the EVO 4G. The EVO has finally passed the FCC, and you know what the means, one step closer. While nothing is set in stone, a release date of around really soon looks to be holding true. We know the Shack is getting ready, and that’s always a good sign. AT&T users have a little something in line with the FCC clearing of a wifi equipped Dell Aero. The Aero looks alright, though I suppose only a true production model will tell. Last, but not least, in the upcoming device news is another FCC clearing. This one is a little more mysterious, and in my eyes, equally exciting as the EVO. The HTC Legend has come through the FCC with what looks to be everything necessary to run the sexy masterpiece on AT&T. Let’s just hope that if this does come true, AT&T doesn’t mess this one up. In update news, things are confusing… really confusing. Sprint was supposed to update the Hero and Moment May 7th. Then they didn’t. Now it’s going to take even longer. All we know, is that it shouldn’t be long now. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but we’ve heard that before. At least if you live in the UK and own a Milestone, you can grab your update to 2.1. I guess not all Android updates need their own soap opera to keep track of them.

App news

With Android growing at blinding speed, you’d expect the app market to do just the same. App news from the past week has been all over the map. We’ve got everything from Google Goggles getting translation support and new addicting games, to the first mobile app conference and the announcement of Motorola’s SHOP4APPS coming to Latin America. Verizon is pumping out app ideas to utilize for Mother’s Day. Some of those suggestions are actually pretty darn useful. The XDA app got an update just today. The updates isn’t major, but it features the ability to favorite sub-forums and edit your signature. The XDA app is run by Tapatalk and is available for free in the Android market. Speaking of Tapatalk… did you know that DroidDog forums are now available by means of the Tapatalk app? That’s right. The official Tapatalk app let’s you use multiple forums in a more mobile friendly way for just $3. It’s well worth it if you’re a forum junkie, or even if you’re just a DroidDog junkie. The last app I need to mention is SlingPlayer Mobile. A private BETA has come out for the app which means something official should be going down real soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for that one.


This week we saw three reviews I want to take time to point out. The first comes from John here at DroidDog and just so happens to be on the HTC Legend. The review carries some special relevance this week considering that the Legend just passed the FCC possibly AT&T bound. John sums up just what everyone has known all along now, the Legend looks and feels amazing. But. It doesn’t change the fact that it still feels a little last gen. None-the-less, if you like it, and the price is right, there’s really no reason not to grab it. The second review is also extra relevant this week because you can grab the phone reviewed at a special low Mother’s Day discount. Aaron from over at PhoneDog gave the Cliq XT a once over and seems pretty happy with it. Keep in mind that this a a mid-range Android device marketed toward a pretty specific demographic. If you fit that demographic, then I’m sure you’d be pleased. Finally, we got Carlos doing a video review of the Acer Liquid. You can find part one right up above, and part two right here. The Liquid is getting a little old firmware wise, but the hardware is very nice. Kinda makes you wanna see the Liquid E, eh?

Fun stuff

Don’t you just love some fun news now and again? I know I do, and for me personally, it doesn’t get any more fun than using a MOTO Droid to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Of course there’s other fun stuff too. Like just about every phone OS you could want (including Android) coming together to make quite possibly the most awesomest guitar ever. Tech Restore did another crazy stop motion disassembly video, this time of the HTC Incredible. The video isn’t quite as cool as the phone-tar, but it’s still pretty sweet.

Well that’s about all we got this week. Things will be getting real heavy this next month so be ready for some wild info coming out ASAP. Along with all the phones coming out, we have Google I/O just around the corner too. If you are like me, and can’t make it out to Cali to see what all the fuss is about, you can check out a live stream of the keynote speeches to make you feel a little more involved. If this is something you’d like to see live blogged, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Until then, everyone here at DroidDog will be working hard to bring you everything we can about that little Android we care oh-so-much about. Enjoy!