TweetDeck in the wings, ready to ROCK

Tweetdeck_LogoIf you’ve spent much time at DroidDog in the past, I don’t need to tell you how long I’ve been waiting for news from the TweetDeck team in regards to an Android client. For those who haven’t spent time here, I’ll summarize: I’m so impressed with TweetDeck on other platforms that I’m pretty much willing to commit to it on Android without even seeing it. Unfortunately, we’ve only heard little buzz and murmurs about it’s development, until now. And while we still don’t have anything official, we have something pretty darn close: a witness to TweetDeck on Android. Android Police was on the scene at Google I/O, and while they weren’t allowed to get any video or snaps of the app running, they did bring back some very good news. (cont.)

TweetDeck booth at Google I/O

Not only is the app reportedly very similar to the desktop and iPhone version in that you can move between customized columns with a swipe of your finger, but it features Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Foursquare, MySpace, and Buzz support. Sweet. Reportedly launching in the “next few weeks,” it sounds like a whole lotta shakin’will be going on in the Android Twitter arena. Like I said in my Droid Wars Twitter client post, TweetDeck could change everything. In fact, I am expecting it.


Via Android Police

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