2010 Android Cup

Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmble! Every so often, Laptop Mag likes to run these tournament style polls to see what the internet thinks is the best of the best in the world of technology. This time, the event being hosted is the Android World Cup 2010. So far, the competition has been fierce, and it’s shaping up to have some great fights. The next match is between the HTC Hero (Sprint) and the Moto DROID (Verizon). The winner of that round will go on to face the HTC Incredible. On the other side of the bracket, the final battle is between the Nexus One (Tmo) and the… myTouch Slide… which somehow beat the EVO. This is why they need us to vote people! Jump on over to the polling action here and let us know how you voted.

Via Laptop Mag Blog