Attention myTouch 3G Slide owners: Get Vlingo for free

That’s right.  Vlingo is free, for a limited time, for MT3GS owners.  All you have to do is visit Vlingo’s site from your computer, click the “download now” button for Android, fill out the form and BAM, you’ll be emailed a download link.  This only works on the Slide (Tested by our fearless leader, John).  Trust me.  I tried on my Hero.  The rest of us still have to pay $9.99.

“What’s Vlingo?” you ask.  Vlingo allows you to control your device with your voice.  You can open apps, compose texts and emails, and use other voice commands.  On the flip side, they’ve also integrated SafeReader which will read your texts and emails aloud.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the Gmail app.  But if you use the stock Mail app for work or other POP/IMAP accounts, you’re in luck.

If you want to learn more about Vlingo, check out the press release here.