Beta testing for T-Mobile’s Device Tune-up now live

originalWell played T-Mobile, well played. It seems the guys and gals over at T-Mobile have developed quite the interesting app just thrown into beta. Device Tune-up, as it will be known, is being billed as something like an automatic task manger, with a little more functionality built in (i.e. brightness control). They say Device Tune-up will run in the background and “proactively” close services that are taking up memory and battery when they aren’t in use. Theoretically, this sounds amazing. A lot of more advanced users have been managing their applications like this for quite some time now, but it’s never been this easy. Check out T-Mobile’s official quote on the application:

“T-Mobile is continually looking for ways to bring new innovation to our customers.  Within the My Account application, we are adding new functionality in the My Device section called Device Tune-up.  Device Tune-up is built to run in the background at all times and ‘tune-up’ the device by closing unused services that are running.

Device Tune-up is different from most task killers because it does not require you to do anything. Device Tune-up will default to ‘on’.  While on, Device Tune-up proactively closes services to help the device and battery perform at their best. Most pre-loaded applications will not be affected by Device Tune-up. For our non-technical users, this may mean you never even realize Device Tune-up is running; your device may simply run better.”

Personally, I am all for this app. You can get involved in the discussion and get Device Tune-up on your device now by visiting the official info and FAQ page on T-Mobile’s own forums. That’s where you’ll find more links to their Device Tune-up subforum and instructions/links on how to get it going. Let us know what you think, will ya? I am going to get this going tonight so if you have any questions, get ahold of me on Twitter and I’ll see what I can do. Just so you don’t waste your time, check out the requirements below.


  • This beta will work on all T-Mobile Android devices running 2.1 and below. If installed on a device using 2.2, the you may see the My Device BETA icon but you will not have the Device Tune-up functionality.
  • This beta has not been tested on any devices running custom software outside of T-Mobile approved versions.  It is recommended you do not install this beta if you are running a custom ROM.
  • Via T-mobile

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