Dell and Google sittin’ in a tree

Fans of Dell, this is a good sign for you. It’s not every day that the higher-ups in a company are willing to spill a ton of info on how their future is shaping up. Sure they will say how positive things are looking, and how they are working hard to bring you the best overall customer experience money can afford… but that kind of stuff is all talk no walk. Lately though, it seems that tech companies are (at the very least) quick to jump and tell you what their OS of manufacturing choice is. They are starting to realize that something as important as the OS your device runs will either make or break you. They are starting to realize that operating system name are buzz-words for not only fanboys, but the general public as well. Now, of course there there will always companies like Apple who are full on one OS to rule them all (iOS/OSX), but there is also a ton of other high end popular manufacturers who will always be wild cards. Right now, I’m talking about Dell. I’m sure that Dell will still keep their hand in the Microsoft cookie jar for higher end devices like their Studio line of laptops, but Google is helping to make some of the other products they churn out a little more interesting.

Dell’s president of Greater China and South Asia, Amit Midha, had this to say in an interview today regarding Chrome OS and Android:

“We have to have a point of view on the industry and technology direction two years, three years down the road, so we continuously work with Google on this,”

“There are going to be unique innovations coming up in the marketplace in two, three years, with a new form of computing, we want to be on that forefront … So with Chrome or Android or anything like that we want to be one of the leaders,”

It should be said right now, this is in no way an official conformation that  Dell is going hard on Google’s multiple OSes… But I mean c’mon… what more could you want? Dell is pushing to get the Streak out here in the states by July and a Chrome OS netbook out by “fall”, as well as pushing to get a new smartphone out in China ASAP and the Streak out over there by the end of the year. I’d say that’s conformation enough, but of course, people in Midha’s position are always quick to let you know nothing is solid until the product is on the shelves.

So what do you guys think? Is Dell foolish for putting (some of) their eggs in Google’s basket, or are they genius? I’m going with genius on this one. As of right now, Android is quite the force to be reckoned with, and Chrome OS is shaping up to be amazing. I know come fall 2010, I’ll have at least one new toy to pick up and play with. I’m expecting it to be pretty marvelous too.

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Source: The Globe And Mail

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