DROID DOES: Verizon Droid X “coming soon”

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“Everything iDon’t, DROID does.” Remember that one? Of course you do, I mean, who could forget? When Verizon first launched the Moto Droid, it felt like the world started paying attention to the word Android. I will always stand by my theory that if Verizon never launched the Droid and the onslaught of advertising that followed, Android would be nowhere today. The Droid not only did wonders for Verizon and Android, but it finally brought Motorola out of a slump they’ve been in since RAZR sales started dropping. Now Motorola is making some of the most quality handsets the world has ever seen. I know some of you may not like the way the original Moto Droid feels, but I know some of you would LOVE to find something that can even come close to rivaling it’s hard industrial body. Enter the DROID X. Verizon is going to push this device hard. With a 4.3″ 720p HD video capture and HDMI out, why wouldn’t they? I know the Droid 2 will be launching soon (and that looks more like how you would think a next generation Moto Droid would look),  but when I think of the next generation Moto Droid, I think of evolution in more than just the form of a processor upgrade or better keyboard. The Droid X is sleek, it’s big, it’s all about the screen. Even “ninjaBLUR” looks like a step up from what we’ve seen Motorola do before. Only time will tell if this device can shine like it’s big brother. My guess is yes, undoubtedly. If you’d like to sign up for an e-mail list to get any updates on the Droid X, you can do so here.

Via Android Spin


Quick update; The picture you see above has been changed on Verizon’s site from 720p screen, to 720p capture.