DROID X lands commercial spot UPDATE

I think it’s finally happening. We all knew that there would come a time in the cell phone industry, where because of leaks and competition, carriers and manufacturers would have to get the official word out on unreleased devices sooner than they would have liked. Even something as small as a 16 second teaser trailer is enough to hold some people off from jumping ship for something like the EVO. To be quite honest, it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Verizon is leading the pack. The have the money to be able to afford the advertising and they have the product worth showing off. Today Verizon has released a 16 second teaser trailer for the DROID X that looks eerily similar to something you’d see in a Stanley Kubrik movie. There isn’t much else I can say that the video or the YouTube description can’t. “The next generation of does. DROID does”:

So what have we learned from this video? Two things: the DROID X will come out in July, and that it turns you into a robot. Yes please.



As one of our astute readers has pointed out, it’s going around online that you can see the reflection of a Twitter account in the eye if you watch it super slow. What is said Twitter account? @DroidLanding. What is it for?

The next generation of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that. Droid X phones are hidden across the country. Follow us for clues.

The first clue?

ATTN: Droid designate #5 escaped secure location 6 hours and counting. Witnesses noticed it heading in a southern direction.

This is gonna be good.