Enso zenPad a bucket of fail

If there’s anyone out there that is still interested in the Enso zenPad Android MID, allow me to relieve you of that unenviable burden. After a long sordid affair that included numerous false promises, shoddy business practices, and PayPal only purchases of a device that’s been perpetually pushed back, Enso has provided Engadget with a review unit. That may have been Alberto Armandi’s greatest error in what looks likely to be another in a series of get rich quick schemes.

Not only did the unit ship with Android 1.5 (after Enso said it would come with 1.6 and be upgradable to 2.1), but the screen – resistive – is non responsive…or over-responsive, depending on your luck. Portrait/landscape orientation must be switched manually and is inconsistent with apps, and numerous official features, like a compass, just aren’t there.

What kind of Android tablet can you get for under $200? One that holds a lot of empty promises and disappointment, if you ordered from Enso. For those of you that did, I suggest you start seeking a little piece of zen within yourselves, before in case this thing arrives at your doorstep.


Via Engadget