EVO 4G fully hacked, build issues, floating in space?

Sprint-HTC-EVO-4G-1The EVO 4G had a busy weekend. Perhaps the most interesting news is that the phone has now been completely rooted, for real. As you are likely aware, the device has posed some challenges for those seeking full access. From recovery only access to some directories to one-click rooting that left /system unwritable, hackers have been struggling to crack Sprint’s flagship nut.

It appears that the flood gates have now opened, and considering the popularity of EVO, I expect a boatload of ROMs will be cooked in rapid succession.

evo-4g-break-235x176Virtually any product is susceptible to manufacturing errors and a small gap in the seal of a cell phone sounds like a pretty minor issue, right? Tell that to the number of people now reporting a separation between the bottom of EVO’s screen and the body. A lot of tiny gunk can get into that gap. It’s nothing a simple exchange can’t fix, and it sounds like the phones are shipping this way. In other words, if you don’t already see the problem on your phone, you never will. Again, that currently seems be the case.

Now on to something a little more fun: a crazy little project called Astdroid. Disheartened by the estimated date for man’s next opportunity to set foot on another heavenly body, the young man in the video below decided that he would set out to do the next best thing: send a cell phone into space. After all, he says, his EVO already has all of the equipment required to take a photo of Earth from space. All he has to do is write an app for the phone that can facilitate the mission. And what is the mission? To make space accessible to Joe Schmo, down the block.

You can help fund the project at Kickstarter. The dude only wants $1800, after all. Should I file this one under launches?

Via Android Police, Androinica, Android Guys.