EVO 4G root tutorial, given half-baked 2.2 ROM

thumb_450_evo-4g-custom-recoveryAre you the daring type? Do you hack your gadgets as soon as they’re out of the box or do you wait for them to lose a smidgen of perceived value before tinkering? I’ve generally waited in the past, but as the process becomes more familiar, I find it less and less nerve wracking. Still, I think it will take some stones to dig into the inner workings of an Android as cutting edge (and expensive) as Sprint’s EVO 4G, which launches tomorrow, on the day of release. But, as was expected after an early achievement of root access, the monstrous EVO will be a cinch to root and flash on day one, thanks to xda-developers (as usual) and a step-by-step tutorial from Android Central. The Froyo ROM currently in use is really just a temp 2.2 fix until it sees major updates or something more functional comes along. Follow at your own risk, folks.

UPDATE: While I haven’t tried it, and therefor can’t endorse it, the Unrevoked method of rooting your EVO (or Hero) it a one-tap process. Use at your own risk!

Via Android Guys