EVO takes a turn in the update round robin

HTC-EVO-4G-Supersonic-Sprint-kickstandAlright. I’m officially changing the theme of summer 2010 from “Changing everything, all over again” (or whatever that was supposed to be), to “An update for every phone… OK, well… almost every phone.” According to BGR, the next phone to get an update during this AUFEPOWAEP (see what I did there?) summer is the HTC EVO. Slated for June 28th, the update is rumored to include the following:

WiFi signal reporting
Exchange ActiveSync policy improvements
Social networking improvements to address battery life issue

Nothing super monumental, but it’s enough to make your EVO seem that much more amazing. Android Central mentions that there is still no word on the 30fps cap being addressed. Good thing we have people like the folks over at XDA to clean up HTC’s messes.

Via Android Central