EVO vs. iPhone: displays in direct sunlight

Nothing frustrates me more – regarding mobile tech – than not being able to use my touchscreen phone in the sunlight. I frequently find myself on a busy sidewalk (at least I did in Portland – I’m not sure they have those here in Charlotte) slowly spinning on one heel, awkwardly balancing and attempting to navigate a device with one hand while shielding the screen with the other one, looking for that perfect position where I’ll actually be able to see what I’m tapping on. Sure, I could just wait until I walk past a cool, shady area and sit down for a few minutes to handle some communications only pick up again at the next big tree along my path, but that halfway defeats the purpose of mobility, doesn’t it?

Well, I have yet to find the perfect display for direct sunlight. There’s a good chance I’ll find a decent solution this summer but right now, I’m working with the EVO 4G and the iPhone 4. And the sunlight test was the first one I wanted to perform on the two. The outcome? These phone’s are as comparable in the hand as they are on paper. Check it out: