Foursquare adds more functionality

Yay! Foursquare has finally added features we’ve all been missing out on. There is ping support within the app now, allowing you to set an interval to retrieve friend “check ins” and notify you. Now you can stay in touch with your friends in the area even easier. And since Foursquare is also about networking, you can also send a friend request through the user’s profile page. No more searching for this in the options menu, you can now do it with just a touch of a button. Additionally, you can turn pings on and off for each of your friends, much like Gowalla’s their rival’s software.

For those of you still running 1.5, good news: Foursquare thinks they have worked out the kink causing you to crash on the empty “Friends” screen. Hopefully you too can enjoy Foursquare’s networky goodness now. I’m still waiting for Foursquare’s UI to catch up with Gowalla’s, which, even though it isn’t my favorite shade of orange, I definitely find it superior to the Foursquare client’s basic white and gray. Here’s to hoping that a redesign/new theme is on the horizon, as well.