Galaxy S video sample and multitouch demo

Samsung_Galaxy_SFrAndroid, the French Android website, has been running Samsung’s Galaxy S through its paces as of late, and two of the most intriguing products of that are a 720p video sample from the gadget’s cam (compare to 720p video shot on the Nexus One), and a video demonstration of the S’ multitouch responsiveness. Not only are the red and blue dots indicating registered contact incredibly close to the fingers moving before them, but crossing axes does not confuse the software as to which finger is which, as is the case on the MT3GS. I’m looking forward to testing this device. Perhaps I can do so in my local T-Mobile store on July 21st. Perhaps not.

HD video from the Galaxy S: 1280 X 720 (720p)

Multitouch demo:

Via FrAndroid