Garminfone spot

It’s $199 on a new two year contract after a $50 rebate and $449.99 outright. Is that too much to pay for an Android 1.6 device? most would say (and have said) yes. But this isn’t the Android any of us are used to, and with every aspect of the software designed geared towards keeping location and navigation as the phone’s focus, the Garminfone might provide a unique experience worthy of the extra bills. Check these folks out. They look happy, right? Though, I’ve got to say that mounting the device in the center of your windshield like that might get you pulled over for obstructed vision, depending on the state you’re in.

I called my local T-Mobile store on the launch date to ask about picking one of these phones up for review and was told that they were still waiting to hear about availability. So, it looks like there’s not much excitement about Garminfone internally at T-Mobile. Or, maybe I just got the wrong dude on the phone. I’m interested in the Garminfone; not as an Android, but as a replacement for Google Maps, which doesn’t function very well in my new city. Whether or not I’m going to cough up the cash to take one for a spin is another story.