Google Voice begins open invitation

Alright Google, now you’re talking! Google Voice has been subject to Google’s trademark invite only system for a long time now. During much of that time, there were so many people clamoring for an invite, they were being sold on eBay (or what have you) for a pretty penny. Some of us (myself included) have had Google Voice numbers for a long time. I remember when I first got my invite from Google, and everyone was begging for one in return. I guess those days are long gone now. Google has officially opened to any in the US, free of charge. Google Voice is more than just a phone number… It’s an entirely new communications experience. You can use the Google Voice service on several different platforms to do things like make calls, send messages, check voicemails… the list goes on. Check out this video from Google below for more, and check out to sign up now.

Via Android Spin

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