Hands on with the DROID 2

Taylor from Android and Me struck gold when Motorola’s upcoming DROID 2 “somehow fell into [his] lap,” and he decided to put the phone through its paces over on his site – specifically, that snappy 1GHz processor. Regarding the design and styling of the phone, Taylor says that you probably wouldn’t even notice someone using the DROID 2 out on the streets because it so closely resembles its predecessor. Though the bezel around the screen has changed and the black/gold combination was traded out for dark blue/silver, there’s absolutely no doubt that this device is of the DROID lineage. Getting rid of that d-pad seems to have been a wise move, but my favorite advancement? Staggered keys! Good grief, that’s nice to see. I might even be able to use this phone as a daily driver, which I couldn’t say about the original Droid.

Stay tuned to DroidDog for more information on the DROID 2 this coming Wednesday.

Via Android and Me