June 19th mystery solved?

“STAY TUNED – THIS WILL BE BIG.” That’s what a leaked T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide roadmap told us almost two weeks ago about June 19th. Since then, people have have been guessing (myself included) about what could be happening on that date. Oddly, much of the speculation included buzz that T-Mo would be selling the Nexus One direct, starting the day before Father’s Day. Never mind that the reason we’re all talking about June 19th is because it showed up on the *MT3GS* roadmap. Others have said that users would see the Froyo OTA on that date, which sounded as reasonable to me as any other rumors floating about.

Well, David is back with another leak, and while careful with his words in regards to authenticity, he posted a screenshot that indicates that the big 19th deal is free phones. Check it out:


Via TMoNews