Mash-App: organize, discover, contribute

AndroidAs the Android Market grows, it becomes more difficult to find a group of quality apps to chose from for a given function. Crowd sourcing is, of course, the most logical solution to this problem. And while the Android Market has made great leaps in terms of search capabilities, app sorting, and the ratings system over the last year, it still leaves quite a bit to be desired. The door is wide open for third party systems. Enter

Mash-App does for Android applications what Amazon Lists have done for the media sold on that site…basically. There are no user ratings and the description for each app added to a list is auto-populated, but users create lists based on any category type they desire and that list is tagged and added to the database. New users sign up for free, search given category or tag, and are presented with a group of lists to choose from. Users can also simply click “explore” to see recent and popular lists. Within each list you’ll find app icons that can be clicked for detailed information, such as price and a qr-code linking to the app in the Market.

The more members the site can attain, the better the content will be. It’s free, and worth at least a few minutes of your time. The design is clean and functional. You just might stick around.


Via Phandroid