MKB Reviews: QuickDesk Beta

QuickDeskHow many times have you been web browsing then realized you forgot to turn WiFi back on? Or walking out a door checking email and wanted to quickly manually turn brightness back up? There are a ton of situations where this new Android application, QuickDesk comes into play.

QuickDesk is not actually a complete home replacement for Android, as the developer was quick to point out. It actually works alongside the Android OS to help enhance productivity. You can activate it from any screen or within any application with a double tap of the home key on your phone or a long hold of the search button. You’ll see the overlay pop up over the application you’re currently using, providing quick access to the apps you use most often, like a notepad or the messaging client of your choice. You may even choose to put widgets on this QuickDesk, which will help you with fast access to even more functionality.

I’ve enjoyed the customizability of the single 5×4 screen, which means I can put up to 20 applications or apps + widgets on it for easy access to them within any other application. I recommend you give it a try and find out more about the application through the accompanying video. You can get it for free here:


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