MKB Reviews: Smart Keyboard Pro

mainThis is MKBHD and I’m back with an application review for any Android device running version 1.5 and up [Basically everyone]. This is an alternative to the stock Android keyboard, which is sadly lacking a few features a lot of people may not notice they’re dying to have on their handsets. The app name is ‘Smart Keyboard’ and has a ‘Pro’ version available in the Android market for $1.99.

One of my favorite features about this application is the plethora of customization options to make it truly your own. This is easy to say about a lot of larger applications like home replacements, launchers, and other productivity apps, but kudos to the developer for making a simple keyboard so powerful! The app is fast, first of all, and shows improvements over the stock Android keyboard. There’s no lag when selecting text input fields, despite appearing so similar to the stock Android keyboard.

Another fantastic feature of this application is the ‘multitouch’ aspect of it. This is difficult to explain in text, which is why the accompanying video goes more in-depth. Most of us know already that Stock Android 2.1 comes with multi-touch built-in in the form of pinch to zoom gestures in the browser, gallery, etc. This proves that the screen is capable of multitouch input, but it is not implemented in the Android keyboard. This ‘Smart Keyboard’ uses multitouch to improve typing speed in ways the stock keyboard couldn’t. You can now have two fingers on the screen at the same time while typing and the keyboard will register both keystrokes. Pretty neat!

For a full walkthrough of the app and it’s other more notable features check out the accompanying video review. If you’d like to see more of the content I produce on a weekly basis check out my YouTube channel.


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