myTouch 3G Slide photo and video samples

It seems like photo and video samples are one of the more popular requests I’ve been receiving lately. And after posting photo and video samples from T-Mobile’s Garminfone yesterday, a number of you contacted me indicating that you want more samples under a wider variety of conditions on future posts. I was also told that my videos need more sound. Well, here you go. I’m not taking shots or shooting video under every quality setting like I used to because, in general, the feedback has been that no one cares about the results of lower settings. So, here are samples from the myTouch 3G Slide’s 5MP cam and LED flash at a photo resolution of 2592 X 1728 and a video resolution at 640 X 480 (VGA); the max this phone is capable of. All still images were scaled from 2592 X 1728 pixels, with no further editing.

Sunny day, in the shade:


Dim restaurant, no flash, too much sushi:


Well lit room, dark face:


Partly cloudy:


Partly cloudy:

direct sun

Pitch black room, with flash:

pitch black with flash

Pitch black room with flash:

black room, flash


Partly cloudy:

Partly cloudy:

Well lit room (the noise is a fan):

Well lit room:

Very sunny:

Indoors, dim. He begs for this, I swear: