myTouch 3G Slide Q&R update

Those of you following my original MT3GS questions & requests post will see two new videos this morning, and I am re-embedding all three myTouch Slide videos below for home page access. Among the topics covered n parts two and three are my favorite apps the the Slide, some game demonstrations, the genius button, and Dragon Dictation. Also check out a post chock-full of Slide video and photo samples, as well as my step-by-step rooting guide (at your own risk).

I got to all but three or four of your questions before I had to ship the phone off. As always, I do my best to get to all of them but they questions don’t stop coming on the last day of shooting video. Thank you all for participating, and stay tuned for more Q&R on other devices.

Part 1: Multitouch test, speed, unlocking, recommended(?), vanilla Android/default home.

I misspoke during the part on home replacements. If you read the text on screen and look at the buttons, you can see that I had pressed “clear defaults” even though I said, “clear cache.”

Part 2: Dragon Dictation, game demonstrations, home replacement performance, save to SD, N1 or MT3GS, HD2 or MT3GS, root tutorial, to-do-on homescreen,

Part 3: pinch-to-zoom, torch, genius button, best apps?