myTouch 3G Slide questions & requests

Here is my first video response to your questions and requests regarding HTC’s myTouch 3g Slide. As I explain in the video introduction, I haven’t received as many questions and requests on this device as I have on others. However, I do have enough for a very short second video, if nothing else. Go ahead and send in your questions and requests by texting me at 503-MOB-BARK. That’s (502) 662-2275, or @reply me on Twitter: @PhoneDog_John. Are people not as interested in this device as they are in the current range of super phones? I don’t know, but this one is pretty quick for (what I look at as) an advanced messaging device. The hardware keyboard isn’t the best I’ve ever used, but we’ll talk about that later. Overall, I’m pretty happy with this phone. Please read the text on screen during the video.

Part 1: Multitouch test, speed, unlocking, recommended(?), vanilla Android/default home.

I misspoke during the part on home replacements. If you read the text on screen and look at the buttons, you can see that I had pressed “clear defaults” even though I said, “clear cache.”

Part 2: Dragon Dictation, game demonstrations, home replacement performance, save to SD, N1 or MT3GS, HD2 or MT3GS, root tutorial, to-do-on homescreen,

Part 3: pinch-to-zoom, torch, genius button, best apps?