myTouch 3G Slide root is go! UPDATE

mytouch roootaageeeYEEESSSS!!! We all knew it was coming, but man, I have been waiting for this one for FAR too long. Eugene_373 (as he is known on Twitter and XDA forums) has finally achieved root on the myTouch Slide. Now many a current and future (like myself) myTouch users will enjoy all the freedom root has to offer; processor management, ROMs, nandroid, root-only apps… the list goes on. So how exactly is this going to work?

“… it’s the same Root method as the HTC Incredible… I Just added Su & fix the Script, Plus figuring out how-to get it to write to system…”

For the full instructions and download materials, hit up the XDA thread. After rooting a total of three different kinds of Android devices (G1, Cliq, myTouch 3G 1.2), I have to say rooting the Slide looks like it will be a breeze. I just have two questions, who will be rooting, and how many of you would like to see me do a video tutorial? Anyone?

Via Android Police



I mentioned doing a video tutorial video yesterday… The original XDA thread has that taken care of. Make sure to read along with the video the first couple times before you jump in.