N is for awesome; Mod unlocks Wireless-N for EVO

nWe’ve known, for some time, that the EVO was packing a Wireless-N radio.  What was unknown was whether or not it would ever be enabled via an update.  Well, the wait is over….sort of.  While Google, Sprint and HTC were resting on their bums, the fine folks over at XDA Developers were cooking up an update to enable Wireless-N on the HTC EVO 4G.  They’ve created an easy way to “enable” and “disable” this functionality.  Check it out here.

I love that the collective masses are producing updates and ROMs at a far quicker rate than the OEMs.  Now if the XDA community could get cracking on the finger tracking lag for the touchscreen, we’d be all set.

Source: XDA
Via: Talk Android