Nexus One rooted without unlocking the bootloader

Nexus HackRemember that pesky step during the Nexus One rooting process where Google asks if you agree to void your warranty; the one that causes a little unlocked pad lock to be displayed every successive boot? Well some hackers at xda-developers have figured out a new method that circumvents the step in question by using the Unrevoked process for HTC’s Incredible. As the original poster states, it certainly was a brave try. I have not independently verified the procedure and therefore cannot endorse it, but it certainly is an interesting topic. It is important to note that, although the steps outlined in the instructions at xda allow you to bypass specific warnings from Google, it is possible, and likely, that following them still voids your warranty. It is also important to note that performing the procedure could render your device unusable and, if pursued, would be at the user’s own risk. It doesn’t exactly look like a trouble-free hack, either.

Here is some video evidence, as posted in the original thread at xda:

Via xda-developers