Only using voice commands while driving?

Car accident rates are definitely up, and cell phones are partially responsible. Texting while driving, or even just talking, seems to have more people distracted on the road than ever. This is where ZoomSafer wants to step in to help with their software. Basically, if you’re on the move (detected by GPS, or a setting in the app), ZoomSafer will prevent you from making calls, writing texts or emails. However, could this case more life-threatening problems than it can resolve? Let’s discuss.

First of all, I am personally wary of anything that prevents me from making calls on my phone. While I agree that even the standard dialer app on Android can force close or have issues, layering another software on top of this makes me all the more nervous. The first scenario that comes to mind is one where I am in an accident and can’t call 911. I addressed this concern with the aforementioned company, and they did tell me there is a hands-free dialing feature so you can still make calls safely -while- driving. Call me paranoid–no, really, go ahead–but I’d still like to know that I can use my fingers to punch in 911. And that’s where the dialer issue comes in… what if I can’t disable it? What if it goes into a force close loop? I’m not trying to say their software isn’t up to par, but I’m sure most of our readers here at DroidDog are aware that different flavors of Android respond in unique ways to different applications. Sometimes things work seamlessly together, and sometimes they just… don’t. So what do you think? Is using an app that requires you to use hands-free commands on your phone while in the car worth the trade off of possibly locking up when you need to make an emergency call? Am I too paranoid?

Note: This app lets you turn the driver mode off and on, but I still have not been able to test an actual copy. Right now I’m working off the information they provided to me via email and trying to gather community thoughts on its usefulness.

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