Qik crumbles…

qik…under the weight of what was apparently an unanticipated increase in the load on their servers – a twentyfold increase to be exact. That was the result of EVO’s June 4th launch. So, after overcoming a wrinkle that kept the company’s bread and butter from appearing in the Market on Sprint’s 4G device, and after users began reporting absolutely horrible performance, Qik decided to temporarily pull their app from the Android shop all together until their infrastructure is capable of bearing the considerable weight of its mostly new video streaming user base.

From the Qik Blog (notice the update):

What a day! It was way beyond what we could have imagined….

When we were preparing for the launch of Qik on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, we had anticipated significant growth as the device was just so great along with the 4G network. But even the significant growth assumptions were not enough and we are seeing some unprecedented number of new users joining and Qikking. It truly is beyond what we had imagined.

Earlier in the day we ran into a snag with Qik for HTC EVO 4G not being visible in the Android Market from the HTC EVO 4G devices – even though it was published to the market. Hats off to our great partner Google. Their Android team jumped in, found the issue and came up with a workaround that enabled us to at least get the new Qik Video client out to our users.

We had an unprecedented 20X the amount of workload on our servers. As a result, you were seeing issues connecting to our service on and off. So, our team is now out provisioning more capacity and we expect to have this in control shortly. We feel bad that not all of you got a chance to experience the new Qik Video today and truly appreciate your patience. Rest assured we are not going to rest till this is humming and you are able to video chat with your friends and loved ones.

Update: We have unpublished the client till this issue is resolved.
Our salute goes to our great partners:

* Sprint for firstly bringing such an amazing device to the market and then working with us through these initial glitches
* Google for jumping in right away and helping us resolve the issues associated with Qik not being visible on the Android Market on HTC EVO 4G.

If you have any questions – we are always here and can be reached via support@qik.com.

Via Qik