Reserve the white EVO you always wanted

white-evo-4g-htc-smallLet me just say this… the EVO 4G is one good looking phone. In person, it’s so much sexier than a picture could ever lead you to believe. There is not a single thing I could think to change on the device physically. Well… I guess there might be on thing. If the phone came in white, it would look so stylishly futuristic, my head would explode. Good thing Best Buy’s got my back. Starting today, you can pre-order a Best Buy exclusive (for the moment) HTC EVO 4G in stunning white. BB is set to receive the white EVOs on July 11th with Sprint following suit on August 8th, while everyone else waits until September. Funny thing… some of you may remember the white EVO. The first pictures we ever saw of the EVO were white but the device was going by a different name back then; HTC Supersonic. On a different note, what is the deal with carriers releasing a phone in one color at launch then throwing in another color (the one you really want) at a later date? Some one sounds the BS alarm.

Via Engadget