Rumor: Sprint HTC Sabor to conquer the EVO [UPDATED]

UPDATE: After reviewing a number of previous “leaks” from OZCARGuide, I contacted the blog to ask for a link or two to posts that featured rumors begin by “their most trustworthy tipster,” Supersonic. I have yet to hear back, but will report if I do. It seems the site has a bit of a rep among some folks for bad leaks. END UPDATE

Oxford-Zeiss Content & Research Guide – or OZCARGuide – dropped a pretty hefty rumor a couple of days ago after receiving a series of pleasant details on Sprint’s next superphone from their “most trustworthy tipster.”

The Sabor – Spanish for taste or flavor, and not to be confused with sabre – is supposedly set to drop in late 2010/early 2011 with a 2GHz processor; 2 cameras, the primary at 10MP with 1080p video capture; Android 2.5, (referred to in the article as Gingerbread); and possibly, a new type of display HTC is purportedly working on to compete with Samsung’s Super AMOLED screens. The tip puts the touchscreen resolution at “over 1000,” whatever that means. We might as well just say the resolution is over 9,000!

With a kickstand, killer specs, and Sprint branding, the Sabor reads as though poised to replace the EVO 4G as The Now Network’s Android 4G flagship. As my source states:

“The HTC Sabor is expected to debut sometime 2010-end/early-2011 which is quite a long time from now. However with specs like these it makes perfect sense. After all, we may be seeing a HTC Evo 4G II and Motorola Droid XI by then.”

Perhaps this is the EVO 2. Perhaps not. Whatever the case, I’m ready for the next generation of Androids to blow up.


Via OZCARGuide