Samsung Galaxy S waltzes through the FCC

Now i know some of you will see this and say, big deal. I mean, when you look at who we saw struttin’ their stuff on camera earlier today (hint hint, it was the Galaxy S Pro with Sprint branding), I don’t really blame you. If you are a T-mobile patron however, this post will hold a little more weight with you than that earlier leak did. The Samsung Galaxy S has FINALLY passed through the FCC allll ready for T-Mobile users to get their 3G on. Speaking of T-Mobile 3G… not only did the Galaxy S pass with AWS band IV (1700/2100), it also passed with band II (1900). I’m not sure exactly what that means, but CellPhoneSignal says this may be the first device to use T-Mobile band II 3G. Interesting… Need a quick refresher on the rest of the specs?

WiFi b/g/n; Bluetooth 3.0; 4″ super AMOLED display; 1ghz processor; 5MP camera; FM radio; Digital Compass; 16GB built in memory

I shouldn’t have to say it at this point, but the Galaxy S is nothing to just shrug off. The only complaint you could muster up is Samsung’s Smart Life UI. But hey, who knows, it may be awesome. I guess you could also complain that it probably won’t be out in time for June 19th. It should be fine for the 21st of July though. Look for more info to flood in anytime now. In the meantime, check out everything else DroidDog has on the Galaxy S.


Via CellPhoneSignal