Show some Android love on your Google homepage

Yesterday Google released a new feature that allows you to customize your Google homepage with any photo. Like the Android fanboy that I am, I set about looking for an Android-themed wallpaper for the Google homepage. For obvious reasons (apparently not everybody has the time or desire to make one), I didn’t find a wallpaper that fit well with So, I fired up trusty Photoshop and an hour and two Red Bulls later I came up with what you see below.

A gang of Andy pirates pillaging and plundering my once clean Google homepage. Also, they’re about to feed the Apple logo to the sharks “Aarr me matey!” I wonder why? By the way, is there some way to make Andy not cute? Even when he’s violent he looks cute. The possibilities are endless with what you can make Andy do to the Google homepage. If you have the time and the skills I urge you to download the Photoshop file I made and make your own version. Maybe instead of pirates they could be robbers stealing the Google logo, or soldiers about to execute the iPhone (no mercy).  If you want to make this your Google wallpaper you can download it here. Post your versions in the comments or tweet it to me at @alfalcon. NOTE: It looks good on Chrome but not on IE, but you don’t use IE, now do you?