Sprint Epic 4G; T-Mobile Vibrant; Verizon Fascinate

One phone to rule them all. Samsung said they were going to hit the world hard with the Galaxy S, and the proof is in the pudding. We have four variations of the Galaxy S to discuss in this post, and we’re starting with something Epic. The Samsung Epic 4G (aka the Galaxy S Pro) is Sprint’s new version of the Galaxy S to come packing a keyboard and, you guessed it, 4G. Everything else you’d expect to be there still is, and it sure does shines brightly. There is no official price or release date, but be sure to check out the dedicated Sprint page here.


Next up we have T-Mobile’s freshly announced Samsung Vibrant. So far, the Vibrant looks most like the original GS, with the exception of a couple more capacitive buttons on the bottom. The Vibrant is going to run you $199 on a two year contract and comes loaded with software to keep you entertained. You can find the Sims 3, Avatar the movie, mobiTV, Kindle, GoGo Inflight internet, and Slacker Radio all preloaded. Available July 21st, you can check out the official “notify me” page here.

Oh, and before I forget… Not only is US Cellular getting it’s own Galaxy S, but so is Verizon. The big V will be rockin’ the Samsung Fascinate before too long as well. More to come on both those devices soon. I have to give it to Samsung for getting this beast out on the big 4 and then some. Round of applause.

So what do you guys say? Which one looks better? Why? Are keyboards so yesterday? Do you need on to stay on top of everything? Does the carrier with the device make the biggest difference to you? Anyone wanna play some Sims?

Via Engadget, TmoNews