T-Mobile Garminfone navigation demo

I’ve got more videos coming on this device; inspired both by your questions and requests and by my own experiences with the phone. But this is the only one I’m going to shoot in a moving car. Sorry for the bumpy ride, but at least you can see what the interface looks like and sample one of the preinstalled voices.

Speed limit vs. current speed, estimated time of arrival, easy access to traffic info, and a very bright and clear map make this phone a great navigation device. Toss in some novel customization features and it’s pretty fun as well. One thing threw me off the first time I used the Garminfone to navigate: the simplified instruction phrases. But now, that’s one of the phone’s strongest selling points as a navigation device in my eyes. Google Maps’ navigation utilizes an excellent speech synthesis library but no voice sounds good reading off so many alternate road identities that the jabbering starts to push driving instructions back until it’s too late. “Turn right” is just fine by me.