T-Mobile superphone in the pipes

Who wants a big fat rumor on this Friday afternoon? Me too, but you gotta be prepared because this one is a doozy.

Scott Brown from Android Guys does a podcast every Thursday where they talk about everything Android. Shortly before filming this Thursday’s podcast, Scott attended the HTC meetup in Seattle, WA (I believe this was on the 17th). According to him, after the drinks were flowing and people started getting chatty, some HTC reps cozied up to him to share a story that will knock your socks off. An HTC rep told him that not only will they be making a 800mhz dual-core processor Android device with a 4.3 inch screen, but it will be running Android 3 (which Scott believes is Gingerbread) on T-Mobile US.

As big as this is, it is totally feasible. At this point, your probably wondering how valid these rumors are… well take into consideration these points.

  1. Would a couple HTC guys and a T-Mobile engineer closely follow all Android news and leaks just so they could randomly bump into an Android writer and spin him some sort of epic lie? Why? That doesn’t make sense.
  2. The location where you would find these things out make sense. Seattle is home to HTC and T-Mobile. If anyone knew something, they would be in that area.
  3. The time-frame. Andy Rubin claimed Gingerbread will be out “Before it’s cold,” and we have been hearing for awhile now that processor manufacturers want dual-core mobile processors out by Q4.
  4. The HTC Vision. Remember that little rumor? It’s just a rumor, but it’s more backing that HTC is working with Tmo to bring out the big guns.
  5. Project Emerald. We still don’t know what it is. When Scott asked about PE and the re-branding of the SideKick line, he was shut down and told that if someone were to talk about that, they’d most certainly lose their job.

This is a lot to take in, and of course it will sort itself out in time. Personally, I don’t think the Vision, PE, and this new MONSTER device are all related. The Vision was rumored to have a hard QWERTY, and putting one on a 4.3″ phone would be overkill. Also, I’m still not so sure PE is a device launch. Even though everyone else seems to think it is. Just keep in mind, no one really knows anything. It sure is fun to dream though. We will be all over this story here at DroidDog so be sure to keep checking back for more info ASAP.

Via Android Police

Source Android Guys podcast