The Motorola Charm

Seriously Motorola… What the he… Patience, patience. When I first saw this phone I was.. well, I was something. The more I look at it, the more I like it. What you see above is a new device outed in some T-Mobile training materials known as the Motorola Charm. All we know right now is that it’s rockin’ BLUR 2.1 and that it has a strangely inviting form factor. Keep in mind this is all rumored right now, but it looks pretty legit. If this device were to come with a decent processor and 512MB RAM, I would whole heartedly consider buying it. There is at least one clue that this device would be a little beefed up compared to it’s BLUR siblings.

There is one slide in the materials that mentions all the new features of BLUR 2.1. They mention things like resizable widgets, 7 homescreens, and social messaging enhancement when they talk about the new MOTOBLUR, then they mention improvements that are there just because it’s based off of 2.1. They have one line in there that is good in more than one sense.

Most enhancements will be available on the MOTOROLA CLIQ AND MOTOROLA CLIQ XT

It’s great that the Cliq and XT will both see 2.1, but we already knew that. When it says “most” my initial reaction is “oh, well they just aren’t specd’ quite high enough. So does that mean that the Charm is specd’ higher?” At this point in the game, I HIGHLY doubt Motorola would use the same processor in a new phone that went into the Backflip, Cliq, and XT. Now that this stuff is out of the bag, hopefully someone else will just break their NDA and get us some more info. Then again, this could all be fake. Only time will tell. Check out the slides here.

Via Engadget

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